Careers on track; jobs in the rail industry.


Rail is a fast-growing, exciting and diverse industry with a prosperous future. Most cities in Australia are now building new light rail or Metro services that are fast, efficient, digital, and safe. In fact, there is over $150 billion of new investment in rail over the next 10 years.

Working in rail is good for the environment, taking cars and trucks off roads, reducing emissions and road congestion.

The rail industry employs people with a wide variety of skills, attributes and interests. Whether leaving school, university, changing careers or returning to the workforce, rail offers a diverse range of interesting roles, such as engineering, IT, customer service, law, maintenance, administration, operating machinery, communication, management, and HR. 

The industry is looking for new entrants, graduates, mid-career professionals, apprentices and trainees. Safety, professionalism, staff development and great pay and conditions are all part of working in the rail family.

More than 200,000 people are employed by over 180 companies comprising private and public operators, passenger and freight operators, track owners and managers, manufacturers and suppliers who operate in urban, regional, and rural areas of Australia.

Many in the industry identify the diversity of roles and the variety of tasks as things they like most about working in rail. “I don't think many other industries offer such a choice of areas you could specialise in. This applies to all engineering disciplines from mechanical to electrical, software or structural engineering, or even project management, legal, politics, contracts, industrial relations, and the list goes on” Matthew Lokot, a Senior Fleet Engineer with Bombardier said.

The rail industry is also one that many employees take pride in being involved in as Brett Andruszkiewicz, Unit Manager of Tram Operations at the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (SA) identifies “There is satisfaction in providing a valuable service to the community that is depended on by thousands of people.” 

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