Which tech skills are Australians learning in 2020?


With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, the need to keep up with industry-relevant programs and apps exists in all industries. In addition to a formal qualification, tech skills include things you don’t typically learn at a tertiary level. 

But which tech skills are the most in-demand? It depends on where you are and what industry you’re in. A good place to start is to look at what others are learning. 

Udemy hosts over 150,000 courses hosted by experts that can be taken anywhere, any time. A recent report of theirs, ‘Top 10 trending Tech and Soft Skills Trending in 2020’ looks at consumption of their courses between 2016 and 2019 and determines the top tech skills that have grown the most in popularity.  

Businesses are fast becoming data-driven organisations, so it’s no surprise that AI, data science, web development, and cloud are the most popular tech skills listed. An e-book 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report: The Skills of the Future, also published by Udemy for Business, states: 

‘There is a huge demand for AI and data science skills (Python, machine learning, deep learning), but also demand for web development frameworks (React, Angular), cloud computing and other IT certifications (AWS, CompTIA), and Docker.’  

Along with those listed below, the report also includes Jenkins, Microservices, CompTIA Security+, Pandas (data analysis) and finance fundamentals in the top 10 skills that Australians in the tech industry are learning.

Below, we look at the top five skills that Udemy has reported as having high growth in Australia: 

Microsoft Power BI 

Well-presented data gives companies the ability to tell powerful stories and give insights into performance using charts, graphs and report. This business analytics service by Microsoft provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities. Its user-friendly interface enables people to create their own reports and dashboards. Udemy currently has over 270 courses in the topic. 

Algorithms (AI)  

Udemy says that ‘although algorithms play a role in all manner of computing and programming, they are particularly important in the fields of data analysis and machine learning.’ Courses in algorithms specialise in areas like machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence and data structures. 


This software platform has a broad range of cloud-based IT service management tools, assisting with many a modern IT issue. There are over 70 courses available to help you master general training in ServiceNow, building a service portal or becoming a ServiceNow developer – most of which are less than two hours long. 


This is a great framework for new web developers and those constantly facing deadlines. It enables efficient and quick web app development with high-quality code and transparent writing in a versatile package that’s rich in features. Short courses cover all aspects of Django development. 


Another Microsoft platform, .NET consists of tools, programming languages and libraries for building a variety of applications. Microsoft say that ‘the base platform provides components that apply to all different types of apps. Additional frameworks, such as ASP.NET, extend .NET with components for building specific types of apps.’ Udemy has over 90 courses in ASP.NET, ranging from a general introduction, to specific aspects of the platform. 


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